CELLmicrocosmos 2 MembraneEditor
--- Release 1.0 | 07.07.2006 ---

What is the MembraneEditor?

The MembraneEditor is a JAVA*-based application created with
Eclipse**, including Jmol*** and a few PDB-files for

It is used to create a double-layer-membrane consisting of a
large number of PDB-files. You can define, which and how
many PDBs should be placed in a field consisting of 60X40
lipids. You are also able to define which lipid (also a PDB-
file) should be used to be distributed onto the surface of
the membrane.

The membrane-settings can bes stored in an XML-file,
reloaded and edited afterwards.

In addition you can export a PDB-file of the 60x40-lipid-
membrane-section. But his PDB is at this moment only
compatible to amira****.

To get further information in how to use the MembraneEditor
and who created it, please refer to the help implemented in
the package. Simply go on with the Start-section here.

If you want to have a deeper look into the classes coming
with this package, please refer to the API


First extract all files of the package 'Cm2__rel__1_0.zip'
in a directory of your choice. Please make sure, that JAVA*
has been installed on your system. Then start the
application by using the 'Start.java'-file in the main-
directory of the project.

* Comments/Versions

* We used the JAVA-package jdk1.5.0_06 installed
on a windows system.

** We used the Eclipse version 3.1 installed
on a windows system.

*** Please be aware of the fact that some files of the
Jmol application has been adjusted by some methods and
variables to be compatible to our MembranEditor. Those
changes has been marked in the JAV-files.
It is NOT possible to simply update Jmol by a newer
version. The version of Jmol we implemented is 10.00.47,
released 16.02.2006, 10:53.

**** We used Amira version 3.1 from TGS. It is now
distributed from Mercury.


If you have any comments, suggestion or you have to report
some painful bugs, please feel free to visit our forum:


If you want to get more informations according the
CELLmicrocosmos-project, please have a look at the following


The Jmol-page:

The PDB-page:

The Eclipse-page:

The Amira-page:

Release Notes

The MembraneEditor will be surely released soon under the
GNU GPL license:

(C) 2006 Universität Bielefeld | www.CELLmicrocosmos.org