1.4 Requirements

The Webstart version of CmME can be directly started at This was tested on different Windows, Linux and MAC systems.

Webstart version

Standalone version

Performance issues

Please be aware that it is very important to increase the Java Heap space! Otherwise you will probably not be able to create larger membranes or the program might perform badly.

Use the VM arguments to change the heap size:

The upper limit of the heap space in MB. Normally, this should not be higher than the physical RAM of your computer. On a PC with 2 GB Ram, you may use ca. 1300m Ram. If the virtual machine of JAVA does not like this value, it will tell you so. Just decrease the size in this case. On 64 bit machines, you can also use values like 10000m for 10GB RAM. But this computational power is only needed for very large membranes.

The lower limit of the heap space in MB. Must of course be lower than the upper limit. But for good performance you should not use values which are too low, because JAVA has to increase the heap space very soon. 512m is a good value to start at.

The rendering engine used for Java3D, in this case OpenGL (recommended). Using Windows, you can use also:

Startup Parameters

These are the program arguments you can use for CmME:


-filepath of an existing membrane
the path of the file you want to load into CmME from the start


starts the program's user manual

start with default settings

use the platform Look & Feel

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