12.5 History


version 2.2.2_2

The Quad-2 Release: JogAmp's Java3D Update, Stereoscopic 3D Update, PDBTM Bugfix, Java Web (Re)Start (07.05.2017)

version 2.2.2_1

Molecule Alignment and Performance Update, Bugfixes (17.03.2014)

version 2.2.2

2D eXtreme Release (28.01.2014)

version 2.2.1_2

BGRS 2012 Release (25.06./16.07.2012)

version 2.2.1_1

GCC (German Conference on Chemoinformatics) 2011 Release (04.11.2011)

version 2.2.1_0

Xmas 2010 Webstart Release (16.12.2010) to Cm2.2.1 Webstart & Source Code Release (23.05.2011)

Milestones of the Cm2 development

23.05.2011 Release of Cm2.2.1

The first major release with source code under GPL license

source code and webstart version freely accessible

introduced in the first major publication in ACS JCIM

10.11.2009 WebstartPreRelease at the GCC2010

The PreRelease of Cm2.2

webstart version freely accessible

introduced at the German Conference on Chemoinformatics 2009 in Goslar

01.04.2009 PreRelease

The PreRelease of Cm2.1 Revision

restricted webstart access

2008 Cm2.1rev

The revision of Cm2.1 including 3D visualizations

internal development version only

2007 Cm2.1

Build from scratch version of the MembraneEditor, still with 2D visualization only

internal development version only

2006 Cm2.0

The first simple proof-of-concept version of the 2nd CELLmicrocosmos project

internal development version only


Cm2 is not the 2nd version of the MembraneEditor! Cm1 is a completely different software project unreleased yet.