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Book Chapters

Sommer, Björn: Network Analysis and Integration in a Virtual Cell Environment. In Ming Chen, Ralf Hofestädt (eds): Approaches in Integrative Bioinformatics - Towards the Virtual Cell, ISBN:3642412807, Springer Verlag, 275-296, 2014. Online Chapter: DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-41281-3_10

Journal Articles

Sommer, Björn; Kormeier, Benjamin; Demenkov, Pavel S.; Arrigo, Patrizio; Hippe, Klaus; Ates, Özgür; Kochetov, Alexey V.; Ivanisenko, Vladimir A.; Kolchanov, Nikolay A.; Hofestädt, Ralf: Subcellular Localization Charts: A new visual Methodology for the semi-automatic Localization of protein-related Data Sets. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 11(1):134005, 2013. Online Journal:

Sommer, Björn; Tiys, Evgeny S.; Kormeier, Benjamin; Hippe, Klaus;
Janowski, Sebastian J.; Ivanisenko, Timofey V.; Bragin, Anatoly O. ; Arrigo, Patrizio; Demenkov, Pavel S.; Kochetov, Alexey V.; Ivanisenko, Vladimir A.; Kolchanov, Nikolay A.; Hofestädt, Ralf: Visualization and Analysis of a Cardio Vascular Disease- and MUPP1-related Biological Network combining Text Mining and Data Warehouse Approaches. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 7(1):148, 2010. Online Journal:

Conference Articles

Sommer, Björn; Wang, Stephen Jia; Xu, Lifeng; Chen, Ming; Schreiber, Falk. Hybrid-Dimensional Visualization and Interaction - Integrating 2D and 3D Visualization with Semi-Immersive Navigation Techniques. In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Visual Analytics. IEEE, 2015.

Sommer, Björn; Künsemöller, Jörn; Sand, Norbert; Husemann, Arne; Rumming, Madis; Kormeier, Benjamin: CELLmicrocosmos 4.1: An interactive approach to Integrating Spatially Localized Metabolic Networks into a Virtual 3D Cell Environment. In Fred, Ana; Filipe, Joaquim; Gamboa, Hugo (eds.): Proceedings of Bioinformatics 2010: 90-95, 2010, ISBN 978-989-674-019-1.
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Special Articles

Sommer, Björn: Cover-Image and Feature Article for Informatik Spektrum: Special Issue: Bioinformatik, in Bode, Arndt (chief editor): Informatik Spektrum. Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer, August 2009, 32(4).