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The home page of my main project. This page is not only intended as an information page. It will be the central page for Java WebStart Applications in the future.

Please be aware that the webpage is only designed and programmed by me, but the CELLmicrocosmos project is the steadily growing result of a number of different student projects and theses. To have a list of all involved people, just have a look at team.CELLmicrocosmos.org.

  • www.CELLmicrocosmos.org
  • Launch: 06/2006, regularly updated and extended
  • PHP 5 / JavaScript
  • Cm Java/Java3D WebStart applications
  • IFrame for flash and pdf presentations in frame
  • XHTML 1.0 W3C conform
  • CSS W3C conform
  • SSL Secured for Webstart applications
  • phpBB forum
  • 3-level cell navigation
  • picture script