Because CELLmicrocosmos 4.2 PathwayIntegration (CmPI) is currently run as a PreRelease, there maybe daily updates of the software. These changes are applied as soon as you start the program while you are online. Just start it now!

Therefore, actual changes are tracked on this page.

News 16th April 2022

We published a new book chapter in the Springer book: "Integrative Bioinformatics"! The cell models we used as the base for this chapter were created with the PathwayIntegration! More info at our general NEWS page.

News 18th August 2020

The Beta Release of the brand new Java 3D 1.7_pre1 integration is online! As with newer Java 8 versions the old self-executables seem not to run anymore, we upgraded. Java 3D 1.7_pre1 from JogAmp runs already very good since a longer time in the MembraneEditor. Let us know if you run into trouble with the new version. Please proceed to the start section.

News 22th November 2015

The first brand new self-exectuables are available! Please proceed to the start section.

News 18th November 2015

We just noticed that our IEEE paper from the Big Data Visual Analytics conference is published. Within the next days, the new version of the CellExplorer will be made available here. This version contains a number of changes and improvements in comparison to the previous version. And if you are using a zSpace, here is another important info for you: there will be a special version for the zSpace! We will try to put it online until next week Monday.

News 6th July 2015

After one annoying year of complaining, we got a new COMODO certificate which fixed the problem with the warning messages.

News 16th July 2014

We just got a new SSL certificate from COMODO and this one makes troubles. Java will complain and also the browser, if you are using the https protocol. We are working on this issue, but you can just continue to use our tools without any drawbacks - just ignore the warning during the application start.

Attention: Manual in progress!

The Manual is not completely finished yet. You find the initial help pages at Help -> Help Contents. We are working on it!


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