For starting the PathwayIntegration, just click here.


Java Self-Executables

Please download the brand new self-exectuables for Java 7 or 8 on all operating systems here! All you need is a pre-installed Java version. Actual Release: 22.11.2015.

Java WebStart PreRelease

This is the PreRelease version first published at 18.02.2013. Please be aware that it is not stable and that we are working on this software. Each time we upload a new version, it will be automatically updated if you restart it! Please note that the actual version is only available as self-exectuable. We are working on an update of the WebStart version.


To find out more about the current status or maintenances, just have a look at the news page.


Java Webstart

In addition, you should have an actual version of Java 6 running on your PC and Java Webstart has to be activated. An internet connection you will need only for the installation or for updating your local installation.


The Login-process is SSL-secured. Please use a compatible browser.

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