This forum is aimed towards anybody who is working with the the MembraneEditor. Installation instructions are found here. Any questions, remarks or critics are welcome. Also this is a chance to get in contact with other users.
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Install the MembraneEditor on MacOS X

Post by bjoern » 06.07.2010, 10:42

:!: This workaround is for old Mac OS X versions. We strongly recommend to use Java 8 which does not require this kind of workaround. The WebStart, the self-executables as well as the source-code based compilation with Eclipse were tested on Mac OS X 10.10 with Java 1.8.0_131 and ran without problems.

The MembraneEditor needs Java 6 and Java3D. You will need at least version Mac OS X 10.5 , because 10.4 does not support Java6.

In addition you will have to install Java3D directly, because Mac OS X comes in a package with an old version of Java3D (1.3.1), which is not compatible to the MembraneEditor. The automatic Java3D installation, which works very fine with other platforms, does not run on Mac OS X. But it is easy to install it manually, and you do not need Administrator rights!

You will have to complete the following 4 steps:

1. The Java3D installer for the libraries: ...

2. The Jogl Files for the graphic card communication: ...

3. Now you have to create a new directory, if it does not exist already.

In your $Home directory, change to the Library directory. You can do this in the Finder, you do not need the console. Look, if there is a directory called Java located in the Library directory. If not, create a folder called Java.

Now change to the Java directory and create a folder called Extensions, if it does not already exist.

Finally, the absolute path of the newly created folder should be looking like this (you do not see this in the Finder):

4. Copy Files into the Extensions directory

Now open the package which you downloaded before. Here you find a file called Open also this directory - a directory called lib is extracted. There you should finde another directory called ext. Copy the three contained files into the previously created Extensions directory:
  • j3dcore.jar

Finally you have to open the package Copy all files in the lib directory into the Extensions directory:
  • gluegen-rt.jar

5. Now download and start the program

Everything should work fine now! Have a lot of fun!
Björn and Gunter
This is the way is should look in the end in your Extensions folder.
MacOSX_Java3D_JOGL_Install.jpg (113 KiB) Viewed 24094 times

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Known Issues on MacOS X

Post by bjoern » 06.07.2010, 11:31

Known Issues on MacOS X

The JOGL implementation, which is needed for the Java3D implementation of MacOS X, has problems with the combination of GUI and 3D-Window. Menus always appear behind the 3D View. So you have to use alternative buttons in the GUI.

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Re: Install the MembraneEditor on MacOS X

Post by chocolate7 » 24.01.2014, 05:24

Its awsome...the combination of GUI and 3D-Window...!!!

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