The CELLmicrocosmos Cell Modeling projects started in SS2010. This forum contains topics relevant for this student courses at Bielefeld University. Here, also tutorials may be found, summaries as well as open discussion for improvements.
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Cell Modelling WS2014-15

Post by bjoern » 21.10.2014, 14:33

Here, you will find soon the material for this year's CELLmicrocosmos meets Blender workshop. This year, Niklas Biere will join this tutorial as tutor and share some of his Blender experiences!

Tutorial I
This tutorial describes the basic functionality of Blender. It is important to go through the whole
tutorial, because this basic knowledge will be required in the following tutorials and most of it will
not be repeated!
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 I. Blender Basics (22.10.2014)
(851.53 KiB) Downloaded 740 times
Tutorial II
Starting from the standard cube which every Blender user knows from the first time starting
Blender, we create a simple swan model. In the next tutorial we will use this model to add textures
and movement.
II part 1
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. pt. 1 Swan Modeling (29.10.2014)
(2.34 MiB) Downloaded 752 times
Backgrounds and Textures
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. Swan Backgrounds and Textures (29.10.2014)
(7.81 MiB) Downloaded 737 times
Example Files
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. pt. 1 Example Files (29.10.2014)
(2.1 MiB) Downloaded 732 times
II part 2
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. pt. 2 (05.11.2014)
(2.98 MiB) Downloaded 717 times
Example Files
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. pt. 2 Example Files (05.11.2014)
(47.92 MiB) Downloaded 738 times
II part 3
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 II. pt. 2 (12+19.11.2014)
(1.92 MiB) Downloaded 748 times
Tutorial III
Here, we learn the basics of creating materials with shaders in the Cycles rendering engine of Blender and then apply this to our swan scene to make it look more realistic.
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 III. (26.11.2014)
(6.07 MiB) Downloaded 710 times
Tutorial IV
This tutorial describes how to add a stereo camera to an environment and how to extend this camera for multiple purposes.
Blender Tutorial WS2014-15 IV. (03.12.2014)
(441.82 KiB) Downloaded 741 times

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