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Tutorial 2: My 3D Video on YouTube!

Post by bjoern » 24.01.2012, 23:36

This is a quick all-you-need-guide to merge your two separate video streams to side-by-side format and upload them to YouTube in 3D Mode.

So first of all you need your 2 videos with the perspectives or the left/right eye saved in AVI-format. I used for example with 3ds Max the Cinepak compression and it worked also fine. For best results of course: no compression.

Now you need the following tools installed:

Virtual Dub

- My version was: Release build -- 1.9.11 (stable), 32-bit (x86) version


- My version was: v.2.5.8 ST, 32-bit

Script it!

Now a simple AviSynth script is created merging two separate videos to one output, which we can load afterwards into VirtualDub:

Code: Select all

return final
Name this script:

Load the Script to VirtualDub

This is very easy! Just open VirtualDub and drag'n'drop the file sidebyside.avs into VirtualDub. You will see that it is opened.

Save the Video in VirtualDub

The next step is one of the most hard tasks for you in this tutorial! You will have to click File -> Save as avi and then you have to invent (!) a new name for the file to save. You may want to call it something like "FILE_sidebyside.avi".

Just a hint: Prior saving you might want to change the compression rate in the menu Video -> Compression. (If this option is not active, change in the same Video-menu to "Full processing mode".)

Upload the video to YouTube

Now you can upload the video FILE_sidebyside.avi to YouTube like you do it with any other regular AVI-file!

Define the video as a 3D video on YouTube

Now you have to go into the regular viewing mode while you are logged in to your YouTube accoint. In the upper left corner there is a button saying "Info bearbeiten" ("edit info" or something similar in English). Click on this button. The new menu shows different options. But for us is only interesting - of course - "3D-Videos". Click on this option. The new menu shows three options. Choose the 3D video type at the bottom "Dieses Video ist bereit ein 3D-Video" ("This video is already in 3D" or something similar in English). Now you have to choose the correct side-by-side option "Nebeneinander: Linkes Video auf der linken Seite" ("side-by-side: left video on the left side"). Finally, click "Änderungen speichern" ("Save Properties").

You are finished, enjoy! ;-)


The original avs-script was taken from (a few changes were applied): ... side..html

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Re: Tutorial 2: My 3D Video on YouTube!

Post by bjoern » 08.05.2012, 13:06

Optional YouTube Settings

If the format on YouTube is wrong or something is really strange with your 3D video, then you can define manually tags to fix this problem:

To change the aspect ratio, use this setting:
yt3d:aspect=X:Y (For example 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1)

If something is strange and the left and right persepctive ssem to be mixed up, use:

If the positioning of the left and right perspective video are not correctly recognized, use:
yt3d:left=0_0_1_0.5 yt3d:right=0_0.5_1_1

You find this settings under "Info bearbeiten" (Edit Info) in the left right corner when you are logged in to your account and you are looking at your YouTube video.


For my video
  • 3840x1080 pixel (2x 1920x1080 Full HD)
  • side-by-side stereo
  • left eye left image
the meta-tags look like this:

Code: Select all

yt3d:metadata=user yt3d:aspect=16:9 yt3d:enable=true


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