This forum contains results from the eponymous seminar from WS2012/2013. Each work from the students contains a summary of their results and the presentations attached (partly in German Language).
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Learn 3d Designing

Post by CathrynFitzpatrick » 05.05.2017, 07:06

You could develop some talent by way of yourself with help of movies (on youtube) & e-books (from torrents), however you probably can not turn out to be a pro-degree designer
Surely because the vids do not observe a growing order of level in ability & trouble (so rely extra on e-books) & with out appropriate information of second editing, 3D modifying can be cumbersome - i are aware of it coz m doing the same

I have been using gimp (substitute for photoshop & an awful lot less complicated to adopt) for over 1.5yrs now & lately i moved directly to attempt out blender (free software program for 3-D designing) approximately every week in the past & even though all the controls & different stuff are one-of-a-kind, my grip on gimp makes adapting to new environment plenty simpler

So i would say, first get a few palms on gimp & at the least entire all 37 vid-tutorials by way of 'tutor4u' on youtube - pretty usefull guy & first-rate gaining knowledge of enjoy
Once executed, get some more exercise on some chosen outcomes - light & shadow, angle - making second appear to be three-D essentially
& then, in case you feel you'll completed enough, flow directly to blender.

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