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Blender Tutorial SS2013 III: Stereoscopic Camera [ENGLISH]

Post by bjoern » 12.06.2013, 11:02

Blender Visualization Tutorial SS2013 III

Download here the actual version of the Stereoscopic Camera Plugin compatible to Blender Version 2.6.7 from Sebastian Schneider. The original plugin is not completely compatible to the new version of Blender. Most rendering options do not work. In my version, everything seems to be fixed. Please report bugs to me!

This is not the official release, I coded this yesterday!
Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.8
(8.96 KiB) Downloaded 836 times
Sebastian Schneider put this version - 1.6.8 - now also on his website:

Please let me know if you find errors!

And here is the tutorial:
Blender Tutorial SS2013 III: Stereoscopic Camera (25.06.2013)
(496.81 KiB) Downloaded 836 times
Blender Tutorial SS2013 III: Stereoscopic Camera, Example Files (25.06.2013)
(566.33 KiB) Downloaded 813 times

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