Stereoscopic 3D Camera Plugin for Blender 2.62 to 2.69 from
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Stereoscopic Camera Plugin for Blender 2.6X to 2.7X

Post by bjoern » 11.03.2015, 19:31

The Stereoscopic Camera Plugin was developed by I updated only to version 1.6.8 (see below). However, the original website does not provide the old versions anymore. This is a problem, because many old Blender files are only compatible to the specific Blender version they were created with. So here is an overview of all plugins we have used during our project seminars.

Stereoscopic Rendering for Blender older than 2.67 to 2.62

Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.7
Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.7
(8.92 KiB) Downloaded 2210 times

Stereoscopic Rendering for Blender 2.67 to 2.69

Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.8 ... f=50&t=723

Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender 2.7

Please download the version for actual Blender version from the original website:

Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.9

As the old website ( does not exist anymore, I just add here the last version of this plugin:
Blender Stereoscopic Camera Plugin version 1.6.9
(8.88 KiB) Downloaded 2013 times
Please note that the new versions of blender, starting with blender 2.7.5, contain the MultiView plugin. However, this plugin is very nice, but please note: it does not provide support for a far and near plane visualization as of now (2.77): ... iview.html

Thanks for the development of this great plugin goes to!

Direct Stereoscopic Rendering in Blender with the Game Engine

Did you know? You can just use the standard version to do some simple stereoscopic rendering by using the Blender Game Engine!

Just switch the Renderer to 'Blender Game' and look for the Stereo section in the Properties window of the Render dialog (usually on the right side of Blender). Switch the mode to 'Stereo'. You can also change between different stereo rendering modes, such as red-cyan! More hints you will find here: ... 3d-glasses

But remember: this is only a very simple approach which does not provide visualization of near and far plane etc. For production rendering, please use the Stereoscopic Camera plugin of!

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