The shortest preview on this page you will find here (for navigation use the arrow-keys). It was held at the project meeting of the Technical Faculty in H8.

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The first revision of the Cell Editor is finished. The presentation took place in C5-151at 12 c.t..


We presented a first review paper of the Cm2.1 project at the Bioinformatics Research and Education workshop in Bielefeld.

The newest topic of CELLmicrocosmos is the Pathway Integration: Metabolic pathways should be integrated into a cell environment, using and modifying the Cm3 software and creating a new tool. The project preview has been at 14:00 c.t. at C5-151.


Sebastian, a participant of the Cm2.1 project, developed a plug-in interface for the integration of lipid distribution algorithms into the MembraneEditor. In addition, he added a powerfull Simulated Annealing algorithm, which shows already the high potential of this tool.

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In the lecture of Prof. Ralf Hofestädt and Benjamin Kormeier dealing with metabolic pathways we presented an overview of the actual state of work. You can find the german presentation here.


For the last half year, Marion created a tool using C++ and VTK to visualize a combination of PDB and VRML models. It is the first approach to create an alternative to the comercial amira software from Mercury. She already implemented a side-by-side stereo and a membrane mapping function.

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At 13:00 c.t. the final version of the Cm3 project will be presented in D5-113. To find out more about the Celleditor, which has been built in Java3D, have a look at this site, to find out more about the project talks, enter the aim page.

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The end of the Cm3 cell editor project is near - and still there are so many new ideas which are waiting for their implementation. The first meeting of the new project will be in C5-151 at 14:00 c.t.. Infos about Cm3 you can get here.

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First planned as an update of the Cm2 MembraneEditor, now a completely built from scratch version of the Cm2.1 MembraneEditor will be presented at 11 o'clock in D5-113 during the ag bi meeting. [more]

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The introduction of the new project for the SS2007 will take place in C5-151 at 10 o'clock. The primary aim will be the generation of a simple cell model. Find out more in the introduction!

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Five months after the presentation of CELLmicrocosmos II the first lesson oft the Cm2.1 project took place in C5-151 and we are still looking for some more participants. Just have a look at the introduction!

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The master-thesis has to be finished at this date. Soon there will be some presentations concerning the project. If you are interested, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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At his date there has been a presentation of the actual state of the master-project in C5-151 as a part of the seminar Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bioinformatik. If you want to have a look at the presentation, please refer to the master-thesis-page.

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The presentation of our CELLmicrocosmos II project took place in C5-151 and we showed our MembraneEditor during the seminar Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bioinformatik.

To get a first glance at some of our results, you should have a look at our Cm2-page.

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