Call for Abstracts

The creation of a virtual cell is a complex interdisciplinary vision which implies the combination of various, often quite diverse research fields. Already the generation of microscopic images requires techniques combining biological, chemical as well as physical knowledge. But after the image generation process is finished, the in silico work begins, leading e.g. from a stack of microscopic images to a three-dimensional model at the mesoscopic level.

On the functional level, biological and chemical information represented by a huge number of databases can be used to acquire data such as biological networks, molecular concentrations, subcellular localizations or other publication-based data.

At the molecular level, there are many efforts to simulate, analyze and visualize membranes, proteins, vesicles, requiring large computer clusters and very specific chemophysical knowledge.

Usually, all these different approaches are not combined, because in silico experiments try to answer very specific questions. But how will it be possible to integrate these different approaches into a virtual cell environment for future scientific and/or educational purposes? Which new developments have to be taken into account? How is it possible to reasonably combine abstract and structural data? How can the commercialization of 3D stereoscopy support our efforts? And might it be possible to approach synthetic biology with virutal cell systems in the future?

To examine these questions and to find out in which way we can join our efforts, we invite contributions from different fields related to Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics, which fit into the context of structural as well as functional modeling and visualization. Download the Flyer (PDF)!

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