biostec2010 screenshots 02

The picture shows the inner structure of the mitochondria matrix. The mitochondrion model is based on a 3D electron tomography from: Yamaguchi, R., Lartigue, L., Perkins, G., Scott, R.T., Dixit, A., Ellisman, M.H., Kuwana, T. and Newmeyer, D.D.: Proapoptotic BH3-only proteins induce Bax/Bak-dependent mitochondrial cristae remodeling independent of cytochrome c release and Bak oligomerization. Mol. Cell, 31:557-569, 2008.


image 2

Another more abstract mitochondria model correlated with the same network.


image 3

The constructed mitochondria from different angles in 3ds max. At he left side, the two coloured shape can be seen: This results from mirroring one part of the mitochondria to the other side, because the original file exported from Mercury amira is only fragmentary.


image 4

Travelling through the mitochondrion: At the Butanedionic acid (C00042) looking to the other side.