For the first time a sub-project of CELLmicrocosmos participated in the [science fair] - and won a prize! Hosted by Bielefeld University, this is a nice opportunity for especially young scientists to present their work.

The poster presented showed the latest developments of our CellExplorer Educational Edition (CE3) project, entitled: CE3: An eLearning Software for Cytological Education. Based on the CellExplorer, already part of a few publications, it is an approach to bridge the gap between university and common/grammar schools.

The poster contained information regarding the master theses of Marco Civico and Roland Orlik. Both thesis are based on the CELLmicrocosmos Cell Modeling project of SS2011 with four additional participants. We won in the category "best design" (best out of 30) and rumors say that we were also close to get the prize in the category "best interdisciplinary project". The prize money of 1.000 will be directly reinvested into CE3. More about the prize at the Bielefeld University News and more about the fair at <Perspektive 2011>. Congratulations from us to all winners!

The beta version of the project if located at