Today, Ralf Rotzoll, André Heissmann and Alexander Schäfer (heroes #1-3) presented there diploma theses in the seminar of the Bio-/Medical Informatics Department. All topics were associated with the CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor. In the future, a number of nice extensions will come.

Moreover, our new paper based on the diploma thesis of Gunther Lukath (hero #4) was accepted, who is now a PhD student in Hamburg. Find the pre-version here: And please do not forget: the paper is nice, but the software is better, just download it here:!

So congratulations to all you guys!

And with that, the CELLmicrocosmos website version 1, ran since several years, is saying good bye! The rebirth is scheduled for tomorrow evening, let us see, what happens!

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