1.11.2013 Back in Black

After nearly 7 years, the CELLmicrocosmos site is relaunched!

The major advantage of the old site: it was completely programmed from the scratch during the master thesis of Björn Sommer. Of course, it was extended during the last years. Especially, the new sub-domains for the 4 sub projects were already added. But there was a small problem: everything had to be edited and updated by hand.

In times of content management systems and a fast changing web, this approach seems quite archaic.

And here is the new site! It unites the eye-catching cellular design of the old website with new CMS technologies of Joomla and its add-ons. Back in Black!

And of course, this is only the beginning. During the next months, this site will be updated and extended. So have a lot of fun with our new site!

Nike Schuhe