It was about time for the new major relase 2.2.2 of the MembraneEditor. A large number of bug fixes were added, but also some nice features are introduced.

One special new approach is the use of Gunther Lukat's APL@Voro which has been recently published. If this nice tool is installed on your Linux/Mac OS X machine and you link it with the MembraneEditor, a simple click on a button provides a fast analysis of the area per lipid as well as the membrane thickness of your membrane patch by using APL@Voro.

But there are many more features, it should be mentioned, that the Wanderer Rookie - a high-density membrane packing algorithm - had been added.

In addition, the front page with its "old style" was replaced by a fresh new one. This layout will also be applied later to the other sub projects.

But now, have a lot of fun with the new release of the MembraneEditor!

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