For not even two months ago the major release 2.2.2 of the MembraneEditor is online. And now, the next minor release is online!

A few small but important changes have been made.

All users of Linux distributions usind IcedTea for Java WebStart will be happy: the actual release was pre-compiled with Java 6 and it is not required anymore to install some alternative packages.

The direct APL@Voro integration did not work on all systems correctly, this problem is fixed now.

The lipid/protein alignment mode was extended. First, the area can be defined in which molecular structures around the molecule to align are shown. Second, the alignment can be manually changed by providing an axis-angle.

For all those people who want to work with larger numbers of molecular structures, a special mode was implemented based on work done during Philipp Unruh's diploma thesis. You will find it in the 3D Settings dialog.

The complete list of changes can be found here. Or, just proceed to the Cm2 project page.

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