Our poster discussing the combination of the MembraneEditor and APL@Voro just won a poster prize at the Molecular Simulations and Visualizations Conference/Faraday Discussion 169 in Nottingham. The poster you will find here, together with all other posters presented during the last years in conjunction with the CELLmicrocosmos 2 project.

The poster prize is a very nice Ramos W32 tablet, equipped with the Android OS and YASARA (Yet Another Scientific Artificial Reality Application), a molecular modeling suite. More information you will find here: http://www.yasara.org/android.htm

We made already first experiments with this tool. Obviously it provides sophisticated methods to create different conformations of lipids for our MembraneEditor. In our future release, we will include a compatibility option for the PDB export for YASARA.

Thanks a lot go to the conference committee as well as the sponsors from YASARA!!!

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