Since VIZBI (Visualizing Biological Data) started in 2010, we have participated in this amazing conference each time it has taken place in Heidelberg. In 2013 we gave a workshop about MembraneEditor. This year, we will give an extensive Blender workshop at 8 March (conference: 9-11 March). “Extensive” means we are partnering with Chris Hammang, who already has a very good standing in the Blender community because of his very impressive biomedical animations. Just take a look at his website if you haven’t seen his work yet!

Also, Niklas Biere and I will present a poster discussing our stereoscopic cell animation. This animation will be shown for the first time in Full HD 3D at the SD&A conference in San Francisco just a month before VIZBI:

However, the nice aspect about our Blender workshop is that it will have two parts.

The first part will be an introduction, so that even animation newbies can learn a lot. And in case you already have some experience with Blender, the second workshop will feature more advanced skills!

I have given a number of Blender tutorials during my time as a lecturer at Bielefeld University, and some of my students, like Niklas for example, have already achieved great results!

In the second tutorial, Chris will talk about advanced approaches he is using in his amazing work and I will talk about stereoscopic visualization with Blender, and more:

The workshop costs Just 100 EUR for each tutorial! If you are around in Heidelberg, you could participate in our workshop(s) without attending VIZBI - but then you will miss a great conference! Extended Registration Deadline is the 8 February and it is sill possible to apply for fellowships!

So see you in Heidelberg!

Chris and Bjorn

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