We will participate in the Shonan seminar on "Web-based Molecular Graphics". Here is the abstract of the meeting, so if you are interested in this topic - see you there!

Molecular graphics is a well established discipline used in many scientific fields (e.g., life sciences, biomedical research, chemistry, material sciences), including commercial research (e.g., pharmaceutical industry). A wealth of methods and tools have been developed, and are still actively developed – however until recently activity has focused on stand-alone software. This meeting will explore an emerging new frontier for molecular graphics, namely deployment in a server-client environment, which promises to make molecular structural information much more easily accessible to scientists. In addition, the recent hybrid approaches have revealed structures, functions and dynamics of very large molecules and cellular machineries, which are displayed as both atomic structures and molecular/cellular images, greatly extending the roles of molecular graphics. This meeting will bring together key players in this emerging field to explore the challenges and opportunities raised by web-based molecular graphics and new applications.

Organizers: Andrea Schafferhans, Seán I. O'Donoghue, Haruki Nakamura

Adidas Nemeziz Messi