We will participate in the Shonan seminar (Japan) on "Dynamic Networks Visual Analytics". Here is the abstract of the meeting, so if you are interested in this topic - see you there!

There is an abundance of complex dynamic data across many domains. Often such data has a natural interpretation as a network, e.g. for applications in biology, the social sciences, telecommunication, finance, energy, and information security. Analysis of these dynamic networks is key to the understanding of complex processes both in fundamental research and for decision making. For example, neuroscientists try to unravel the inner workings of the human brain using activity correlation networks, regulators and finance companies investigate trading patterns at the stock market and their relation to information spread in social media, and energy providers monitor and analyze power generation, distribution, and consumption via sensor networks on electrical grids. Use-cases include real-time monitoring of events and processes as well as a posteriori analysis of recorded data to gain insight. This insight then can be used to explain the principles of an underlying system, to detect important artifacts, e.g. cases of emergency, or to predict future changes. Many of these cases require a human in the loop to make decisions, e.g. in emergency situations, or to allow experts to guide exploration and insight generation for complex processes. Lack of sufficient a priori knowledge, in combination with the complexity of the dynamics in multi-variate data hamper the use of purely rule-based systems for analysis and decision making. Thus, a visual analytics type approach is best suited for such cases.

More here: http://shonan.nii.ac.jp/seminar/085/

Organizers: Takayuki Itoh, Karsten Klein, Beppe Liotta