We are happy to announce the Quad-2 Release of the CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor!

The most important change is the substitution of the old Oracle Java 3D libraries by JogAmp's Java 3D 1.6.0 implementation. Now the 3D visualization is faster, more reliable, and we can support now Mac OS X! Many thanks go to the whole JogAmp team for their support!

Second, the Web Start was re-initiated and optimized for Java 8, running on all major platforms including Mac OS X!

Then, Stereo 3D visualization is fully supported now. There is an extra version for professional graphics and 3D devices, but also the standard version is coming with side-by-side or top-bottom rendering for, e.g., 3D-TVs (sorry, does not work on Mac).

Moreover, we fixed the PDBTM update – as there was a new website release of PDBTM, the update functionality for the membrane placement matrices was broken. Now, you have again full support for automatic protein placement!

More details below here:


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More information about the JogAmp project please find at this website:


Special thanks for the Java3D continuation go to Julien, Harvey and Phil of JogAmp!

Vive la France! ;-)