Presentation at VINCI 2018

Ath VINCI 2018 conference in Växjö, Sweden, Mehmood Ghaffar will present his work on membrane modeling with Blender:

Mehmood Ghaffar, Niklas Biere, Daniel Jäger, Karsten Klein, Falk Schreiber, Olaf Kruse and Björn Sommer
3D Modelling and Visualisation of Heterogeneous Cell Membranes in Blender

After publication, the ACM paper will be available here:

In the context of his Master thesis, Mehmood developed a Blender plugin which can be used to generate membrane models which can be animated in the following steps. His work was used to improve the 3D-stereoscopic Chlamydomonas visualization found at YouTube:

More information as well as the Blender plugin can be found at our new Cell Visualization web site: 

The PDF of a related poster is available from here:

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