The CELLmicrocosmos 5 project is based on the Open Source software blender. This is a well-known 3D modeling software supporting the whole 3D pipeling, from construction, texturing, visualization, animation etc. Also, blender was already used by a number of other Biology-related projects often based on its plugin capabilities. Most of our work is realized by using the standard release of blender. Especially for the membrane modeling approach, a plugin was developed which can be used to create a membrane model.

An important aspect of all CELLmicrocosmos-related projects is stereoscopic visualization. In the beginning of the Cm5 project, blender did not provide stereoscopic capabilities and an external plugin was used. This plugin can be found here - but it is only interesting for you, in case you are using older versions of blender (versions 2.6X to 2.7X).

Find out more about blender here:


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