What is new in the CELLmicrocosmos CellVisualization project?

News 17th July 2018

Three new versions of the Chlamydomonas 3D video were uploaded to the Cm channel: 4K and HD 3D versions, as well as Anaglyph 3D. Version 1.2.1 contains a 3D correction for the left/right eye in the membrane scene.

News 12th July 2018

The Chlamydomonas 3D publication is out now. The website was updated with the link to brand new YouTube video with 3D TV and 2D version. Moreover, a number of other videos were added.

News 6th July 2018

First version of the Cm5 website online. Still, especially the video content has to be added. The publication is still pending.

Hansa Wattanawongsiri