Here, you will find all videos created in the context of the CELLmicrocosmos project.

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Chlamydomonas 3D - From Biological Cells to Biofuels

The video shows how the green algae cell Chlamydomonas rheinhardtii can be used to create fuel. It discusses the underlying processes by making use of stereoscopic 3D visualization. The complete video was modeled and rendered with the free Open Source software Blender. Cutting was done by using Lightworks.

The video is discussed in the publication:
"Heuristic Modeling and 3D Stereoscopic Visualization of a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Cell"

This video won the Best-of-Show in Animation/CG at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference in 2016:

Tools: Blender, Lightworks 12

Production year: 2015-18

(3D 4K for 3D 4K-TVs) [version 1.2.1]

(3D for 3D HD-TVs) [version 1.2.1]

(Anaglyph 3D for Red/Cyan Glasses) [version 1.2.1]

(2D) [version 1.2]

CELLmicrocosmos Cell Modeling SS 2012

This is an educational 3D video from 2014 done by two students who were new to Blender. Here, in some scenes, mistakes were made in terms of Stereoscopic 3D Visualization. These mistakes as well as the positive aspects were discussed in the associated publication: "Stereoscopic Cell Visualization: From Molecular to Mesoscopic Scale" from 2014:

Tool: Blender

Production year: 2013

Animation Bachelor Thesis Sommer 2003

Tools: Autodesk 3DS Max version 5-7

Production year: 2003

For historical reasons ;-) coming soon ...

Other Animations

A cardiomyopathy-related nsSNP Network localized with CmPI 3D

This visualization was done in context of a localization for a publication. The subcellular localization is based on the databases UniProt, GO, Reactome (contained in the data warehouse DAWIS-M.D.).

The cell model was created with CmPI (CELLmicrocosmos Pathway Integration) and then rendered with Blender. It is supplementary material for the publication: 

This is a stereoscopic 3D movie!

Test Video Interdisciplinary Cell Visualization

This is a stereoscopic 3D movie!

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