3.1 Setting a Database

First of all, the content of the local database is not associated with
any membrane. It is always accessible and persistent, which means that you do not have to explicitly load or save it. However, there are options to create other databases or to use other existing ones.

Creating a new Database

When you start the program for the first time, you will see that
a database named "Default Database" is already active. You will also
notice that it already contains some entries. If you don't need to have multiple databases then you can always use the default one.
If you want to use different collections then you will need to create
new ones. This can be done by pressing 'New Database...' in the
tool- or in the menubar. You will be prompted to choose a file in which you can write your future contents. If you approve, then the selected
database will be created, activated and be ready to use.

Setting a Database

If you want to switch to another collection that already exists, simply click on 'Open Database...'  in the tool - or menubar. A filechooser will then ask you to choose your desired file then.