3.3 Gaining Information

The MembraneEditor offers some features to explore the pdb files imported into the local database. Those can be easily accessed from there by using the lower section in the context menu of an entry.

There are 3 ways to explore the file:

Browse File

Opens the 'Pdb-File Browser', a text viewer that displays the entire textual contents of a pdb file.

The Pdb-File Browser

Each section of the pdb file is listed and categorized in the button bar on the right side. Use it in order to jump to one of those sections.

View in Jmol

Starts a new Jmol instance that displays the selected file.


The Molecular View, in preview mode

Open Structure Summary

This feature opens the referring site at the RCSB homepage in your default system browser. Is only available if a proper pdb code can be retrieved from the pdb file.

A structure summary page of a protein at www.rcsb.org

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Low